Tommy Meekins
Keyboards, Vocals, Back-Up Vocals

Tommy Meekins, from Baytown, TX, is an original member of The Coastliners. Along with being a highly accomplished keyboardist, he sings the high parts in all of the vocal harmonies and sings lead on the ballads. With years of musical experience, Tommy is a master at arranging the groups' tight five part vocal harmonies, which have become a trademark of The Coastliners.

In 1972, Tommy was asked to join Liza Minelli's band and toured worldwide. In 1975, Tommy began writing and recording his own songs for Warner Brothers records. About this time, Tommy began turning his musical efforts to the gospel audiences. Since that time, Tommy has recorded and produced 7 gospel albums and written over 400 songs.

Tommy brings to The Coastliners the kind of genuine artistry that can only come from the heart of a man dedicated to his music.

Ozzie Hart
Drums, Vocals, Back-Up Vocals

Ozzie Hart, from Baytown, TX, is one of the founding members of The Coastliners. Along with being the groupís rock solid percussionist, he sings lead on several of their popular tunes.

Ozzie also enjoys playing piano and is instrumental in a lot of the arrangements that make The Coastliners such a unique and popular group.

Ozzie's musical career has taken him from coast to coast as the drummer for such legends as The Shirelle's, Ben E. King, The Platters, Percy Sledge, The Coasters, Dee Clark, The Diamonds, Brook Benton and others. In addtion to live performances, Ozzie has worked as a studio musician for many of Houston's recording artists.

With a percussionist of Ozzie's experience and caliber, The Coastliners never miss a beat.

Jeremy Meekins
Lead Guitar, Vocals, Back-Up Vocals

Jeremy Meekins is from Baytown, TX. He is a second generation Coastliner, the son of keyboardist Tommy Meekins. Jeremy has been with the group since their historical 1998 reunion. He is the lead guitarist and another one of the bandís dynamic singers. When not singing lead, Jeremy sings second tenor in all of the intricate vocal arrangements. In addition, he is accomplished at playing piano, bass, drums, song writing, composing and recording music.

Also, Jeremy has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Houston and is currently continuing his education in audio engineering.

The Coastliners are delighted to have Jeremy in the group carrying on the spirit and the musical tradition of this nostalgic band.

Chris Blake
Bass Guitar, Back-Up Vocals

Chris Blake, from Houston, TX, is the newest member of The Coastliners, and is also the son-in-law of keyboardist Tommy Meekins. For special occasions, Blakeís wife Christin Rose sings and performs the opening show for The Coastliners.

Chris has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University), as well as a Master's degree in Education Administration from the University of Houston Clear Lake.

Chris has played the guitar since he was fifteen years old and has been active in a praise and worship band for five years. He has a great love for all kinds of music. His musical talent has been influenced by gospel, country, blues, and rock n' roll. Chris is an avid writer of short stories, as well as several songs.

As the newest Coastliner, his musical talent offers a positive attitude, a burst of energy, and enthusiasm to the group.

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